Quint Class

For children in primary school years 5 to 8.

Attention is paid to correct use of the voice, voice production and development of the individual voice.

Finding your own role within the choir means producing your sound independently and with confidence and at the same time attuning to the others, working together for a beautiful choral sound.

We make a start with simple multi-part repertoire, such as canons. The songs are from various countries and periods.

As a class we work on note reading, hearing and rhythm training. Music theory is also included, without homework.

Twice a year the class sings in a presentation concert for parents, family and friends.
Rehearsals for this include attention to stage presentation.

Children who are enthusiastic for solfège and extra vocal challenges can take a second weekly lesson (involving homework!): Quint Class Plus.


Quint choir Class  koorschool delft

Quint Class 

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Bagijnhof 21, Delft

Weekly choir practice: Monday from 17:00 to 18:00.

Max group size: 18 children.

Course fee per year (38 lessons): €320.

Choir folder included.

No extra costs for choir outfits.

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