Singing for pleasure comes naturally but singing well is a profession.

Koorschool Delft offers a solid classical singing education with a modern approach, for children and adults. Koorschool Delft strives to achieve a high artistic level. Music theory and singing from sheet music go hand in hand with the development of each individual’s own voice. This approach helps the students in the choir to also develop musical independence. Koorschool Delft also provides custom-made on-site projects for primary schools, after school care centres and companies. For example, IKEA Delft has set up a workplace choir under the direction of Koorschool Delft. Koorschool Delft is an initiative of singing teacher Petra Weijers.


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New development for online choral singing: ChoirBox

Koor&Stem and research centre Imec (both from Flanders) are working on ChoirBox - hardware that will make it possible to sing together online without producing a cacophony. Singing together via meeting software such as Zoom or Teams is difficult. The delay in this...

Trial lessons

From 17 May until the summer holidays we will be offering new children the opportunity to sing along in two trial lessons. Following these, they will be able to register for the new school year. The space for new children per rehearsal is limited so an appointment...

Judith Weir’s blog about musical Pathway to Easter

Judith Weir wrote this nice article about our Online Musical Pathway to Easter on her website. In the month before Christmas, Delft’s Choir School organised a very successful online musical Advent Calendar, in aid of the Red Cross. They’ve done it again for Holy Week,...

Donation adventscalendar Red Cross

Dear followers of the Musical Advent Calendar 2020, It has taken a while, but I can now report that the calendar raised the impressive amount of € 1,500 for the Red Cross! Together with all the contributors to the calendar, I am extremely proud and pleased with this...

Waiting list for two children’s choir classes

Many new children have registered for choir classes at Koorschool Delft and there is now a waiting list for the Third and Quint classes. As soon as there are enough registrations, we will start a new group. There is still room in the Prime, Second and Octave classes....


Piles of work

“I suppose you don’t have much to do anymore?” is a question I’ve been asked quite often in the last few months. Well, the opposite is true! Fortunately, I hasten to add. When the corona crisis began, I indeed imagined that I’d have loads of time for all that overdue...

Live in Engeland

This last summer I was in England. In a safe area of course, far away from cities and areas where the lockdown had been reinstated. Keeping a close eye on all the news reports and abiding by the rules, I dared to venture across. And I was very lucky indeed given that...

“De organisatoren steken echt hun nek voor je uit en verwelkomen nieuwe gezichten met uiterste vriendelijkheid. Ik raad iedere koorzanger aan eens een kijkje te nemen bij een inspirerende workshop of masterclass 

“Super leuk voor kinderen en Petra geeft geweldig les! (Really fun for children and Petra gives fantastic lessons!) ” Danitsja Klok

“Ik heb de workshop met de componist John Rutter meegemaakt, wat een geweldige ervaring was dat. Wat een inspirerende man met geweldige humor. Ik vond het fantastisch om dit mee te maken. Complimenten voor de organisatie, alles was top geregeld.” (I participated in the workshop with the composer John Rutter. What a great experience that was and what an inspiring man with a great sense of humour. I found it a fantastic experience. Compliments for the organisation; everything was perfect).” Pieter Schelling

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