Choir classes

In a choir class you will learn to

  • use your voice in a good and healthy way and then continue to develop it;
  • train and develop your listening skills and musical ear;
  • train and develop your focus and memory;
  • read notes;
  • sing songs in different styles and languages;
  • work together to achieve and experience something wonderful: the magic of choral singing.

In a choir class

  • we often sing a capella, but sometimes also accompanied by an instrument or small orchestra;
  • you learn songs in many different languages;
  • we play fun singing games;
  • you start reading notes and exploring music theory from about age six;
  • you learn to sing in front of an audience: twice a year you take part in a presentation concert;
  • you may discover you’d like to learn even more and then – or if you’re eager to from the start– you can also attend a Plus Class.

A choir class Plus offers

  • extra training for children (from the of Dutch primary school year 4l) who like to practice at home, to learn sight singing (solfège) and music theory;
  • the possibility for advanced pupils who like performing to sing in the Delft Children’s Choir or Delft Youth Choir, due to start in 2021.


The repertoire is drawn from music styles that are a source of fantastic material for the training of voice and ear and the introduction to music theory. For those who want to sing other styles, such as jazz and pop, a classical education also provides a solid foundation. While other styles may have different ideas about vocal technique, the basics are the same. The repertoire includes:  

  • early music (Middle Ages to Baroque);
  • classical music;
  • modern classical music;
  • contemporary classical music;
  • folk music from around the world.

There are five choir classes for children

and each is named with a musical term: Prime Class: (primary school age years 1 & 2) Mondays from 15:45 to 16:30. Second Class: (primary school age year 3) Tuesdays from 16:00 to16:45. Third Class: (primary school age year 4) Tuesdays from 17:00 tot 18:00. Third Class Plus: additional solfège tuition on a different weekday. Quint Class : (primary school age years 5 to 8) Mondays from 17:00 to 18:00. Quint Class Plus: additional solfège tuition on a different weekday. Octave Class: (secondary school age) Mondays from 18:00 to 19:00. Octave Class Plus: additional solfège tuition on a different weekday.   New from winter 2021, for advanced solfège pupils: Delft Children’s Choir and Delft Youth Choir. Choir classes and concert choirs are taught by Petra Weijers.

Children can join a class at any time during the school year. Switching classes is also possible all year round. In consultation with the child and their parents/carers we always make the best choice tailored to each child. This can be done per school year and for children who pass through several choir classes. In a trajectory that suits them, they can then continue year after year to gain a thorough musical education they will benefit from for life. Not only when singing, but also when playing and listening to music. The tuition fee for each class is listed as an annual rate. It will of course be calculated for the number of lessons in the school year from the moment the child starts lessons. There is no audition, but rather an introductory visit. We explain to the child and their parents /carers exactly how things work at Koorschool Delft. Together we determine which choir class offers the most suitable starting level. Children can have two trial lessons for €10 to find out if they’d like to join. For a personal introduction parents/carers can sign up using the form below.

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