Choir classes

Delft Children’s Choir and Delft Youth Choir

In 2021 we will start two choirs that will each focus on performing as a concert choir.

They will not only be rehearsing for their own concerts at Koorschool Delft, but can also be invited by a choir or orchestra to participate in a performance that requires a children’s choir or youth choir. For example Bach’s Matthew Passion, an oratorio or a symphony. We’ll be working on many and difficult (multi-part) pieces. So as a member of one of these choirs you have to be able to handle a lot and you must be really keen!

Who can take part?

The Delft Children’s Choir is for advanced pupils from the Third Class Plus and Quint Class Plus.
The Delft Youth Choir is for advanced pupils from the Octave Class Plus.

Children and teenagers who’ve had singing lessons and solfège elsewhere have to take an audition and a test. If they are admitted to a concert choir, this means they must also join a Plus Class.


You’re an advanced singer when your tutor finds that:

  • you have successfully completed one or more volumes of course book Nachtegaal so you are a good sight-reader (or you have reached the same level through lessons outside Koorschool Delft);
  • you have knowledge about good voice use and are applying it;
  • you want to take a step up in independent singing;
  • you are super enthusiastic.

Singing study weekend

Both concert choirs will go on a weekend of vocal study once a year. To learn lots of new music and have lots fun, with the music and of course with each other.

In this way, each team will get even stronger!

(The costs for this weekend are not included in the course fee, but we will keep it as low as possible).

Two choirs In the making


Delfts Kinderkoor: rehearsals on Tuesdays, 17:15 to 18:15

Only for advanced pupils from Third Class Plus and Quint Class Plus who have finished volume 1 of Nachtegaal.


Delfts Jeugdkoor: rehearsals on Thursdays, 18:30 to 19:30

Only for advanced pupils from Octave Class Plus who have finished volume 1 of Nachtegaal.

Weekly choir rehearsal and solfège training.

Envisaged start: winter 2021.

Course fee per year (76 lessons): €480

Choir folder included.

Not included: Nachtegaal volume 2 and subsequent volumes, participation costs for a singing study weekend.

No extra costs for choir outfits.

(If your child is interested in joining a concert choir but new to Koorschool Delft, please email us for admission information.)


You can join the Children’s Choir or Youth Choir at any moment during the school year.

As a choir member you will then continue to follow the lessons in your Plus Class, but you will no longer attend the choir practice of your Third Class, Quint Class or Octave Class. Instead, you will go to the concert choir rehearsals. The total costs remain the same.

Coming soon

The start of the Delft Children’s Choir and Delft Youth Choir is planned for winter 2021.
Meanwhile, Plus Class pupils who would like to enter have time to show that they want to go for it. It takes at least 6 singers per choir to be sure to get off to a good start.


You’re welcome to let us know or ask more information by filling in the form below.

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