The singing students are taught in groups or choir classes.

This is what you can expect from such a choir class:

  • you will learn how to use your voice in a correct and healthy way and to develop it further;
  • you will train your listening skills and develop your ear for music;
  • you will train your concentration and memory;
  • you will learn to read music and sight-sing;
  • You will learn songs in various styles and languages;
  • you will learn to work together to achieve and experience something wonderful: the magic of choral singing.

Choir classes sing repertoire from various periods including

  • Early music (Medieval to Baroque);
  • Classical;
  • Modern classical;
  • Contemporary;
  • World folk music.


The repertoire is selected from music styles which are a source of excellent material for training the voice and the ear as well as for becoming acquainted with music theory. Such a classical training also provides a really solid foundation for anyone wanting to sing other styles, such as jazz and pop, because even though other styles may have different ideas about vocal technique, the basis remains the same.

Koorschool Delft is an initiative of singing teacher Petra Weijers.