Singing in English cathedrals

7 t/m 12 augustus 2024

This choir trip to England is something for you…

  • if you love singing English choral music;
  • if you love English choral evensongs and other choral traditions;
  • if you want to sing in beautiful English cathedrals and an abbey;
  • if you want to sing under the direction of an English conductor;
  • if you want to wander through English towns and enjoy the English countryside.

All this is possible as part of the choir trip to England that Koorschool Delft is organising this summer together with English composer and conductor Oliver Tarney. As ‘visiting choir’, you will sing the most beautiful choral music in a number of evensongs in Newcastle, Carlisle and Hexham and a mass in Newcastle.

This is a fantastic opportunity to combine the much-loved English choral traditions with a stay in England.

There will be daily rehearsals, but also time to visit Newcastle and the surrounding area.

You are free to make your own travel and accommodation arrangements in accordance with your own wishes and budget. But if you prefer, we can also assist you with booking your trip and accommodation.

Singing in the choir is for experienced and advanced choral singers: you will be expected to know every note by the first rehearsal in England, without having to depend on your fellow singers.

Further details and entry requirements can be found below.

Carlisle Cathedral

Oliver Tarney

Oliver Tarney Singing in English cathedrals

English composer Oliver Tarney (1984) was introduced to choral singing in his parish church at a young age. From that moment, choral singing became his greatest inspiration and remains so to this day. After studying music at the University of Manchester and earning a master’s degree in composition, he worked as Head of Composition and Singing at Winchester College. He has written a lot of music for children and adults, amateurs and professionals. Major works include his acclaimed ‘Magnificat’, recorded for Convivium Records, and his ‘St Mark Passion’, commissioned by the St Endellion Easter Festival. Oliver has worked widely to promote singing in communities, choirs and classrooms. His great passion is to inspire people to sing.

From September 2024, Oliver will be part of the conducting team leading the Choral Evensong Series in the Delft Schuilkerk. For the first evensong last year, he composed The Schuil Service: a new Magnificat and Nunc dimittis which premiered on 3 September 2023.




7-12 August 2024

  • Wednesday 7 August: Newcastle – rehearsal (in the evening)
  • Thursday 8 August: Hexham Abbey – Choral Evensong
  • Friday 9 August: Hexham Abbey – Choral Evensong
  • Saturday 10 August: Newcastle upon Tyne, Cathedral – Choral Evensong
  • Sunday 11 August: Newcastle upon Tyne, Cathedral – Mass
  • Monday 12 August: Carlisle, Cathedral – Choral Evensong

 The exact times of daily rehearsals, evensongs and mass will be announced later.

You can set your own arrival and departure dates.



The repertoire, the exact pieces of which will be announced after confirmation of your participation, includes: 

  • Introits
  • Psalms (5)
  • Magnificat & Nunc dimittis (3-4)
  • Preces & Responses: 1
  • Mass (1: Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei)
  • Hymns



Singing in the choir is open to experienced and independent choral singers who have proven choral experience and who, preferably, have sung evensongs before.

You must know the repertoire, which will be announced well in advance, as there will be no time for learning notes during the rehearsals in England!

You should also not have any problem with understanding an English-speaking conductor.

There is room for 28 choristers. Choristers from England will also be able to sing with the choir.



In order to be admitted to the choir, we require a singer résumé and a digital audition in the form of a sung recording of a psalm and part of a Magnificat. After registration, you will be sent sheet music and a ‘track’ of the Magnificat to sing along to for your recording.  

After your audition and résumé have been assessed, you will be notified as soon as possible whether you may sing with the choir.



Participation fee: € 180


  • rehearsals, singing evensongs and a mass under the direction of Oliver Tarney
  • sheet music
  • exclusive use of practice files
  • 1 group dinner

Not included:

  • Travel and accommodation costs.
  • Breakfast, lunch and other dinners.
  • Possible contributions to transport costs to Carlisle and Hexham. We will see when the time comes whether group transport needs to be arranged depending on who is staying where.

The ‘home base’ for the rehearsals and the Dutch supervision of Koorschool Delft in England is Newcastle. Accommodation in or around Newcastle is therefore recommended. Carlisle is about 2 hours’ drive from Newcastle and Hexham is about half an hour.

After confirming your participation, Koorschool Delft will send you a list of accommodation where you can get a discount.



You can register via the digital application form.  

After receiving your application, we will send you confirmation of receipt and instructions for your digital audition.

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