Online Musical Pathway to Easter

28 March – 4 April 2021


 Follow 8 stepping stones to soulful choral music for this special week.

Throughout the centuries, countless composers have created beautiful choral pieces for the week leading up to Easter. The music may be based on religious texts but is appreciated equally in concert halls and in churches because even listeners without a church background experience it as deeply moving. Hardly surprising given that this music is able to translate life’s profound questions and most intense emotions into sublime sounds.


Passionweek music

 Unfortunately however, we will be restricted this year in hearing this music in concert halls or churches. Koorschool Delft has therefore put together an online musical pathway to Easter with a selection of choral works that were especially composed for the Passion Week or that fit the themes very well. An opportunity to pause briefly every day, as if standing on a stepping stone where you can find a moment of support and rest before moving on again. The final step takes us to Easter and music celebrating the renewal of life.



As was the case with the musical Advent calendar of Koorschool Delft, we find it appropriate to support a good cause by donating half of the project proceeds, this time to Oxfam Novib.


What can you expect on each stepping stone?

Specially made images by artist Rozemarijn Oosthoek will bring you to a video of about 15 minutes. This will consist of an introduction to the choral piece you are going to hear followed by the choral piece itself. Internationally renowned top musicians will tell you about the piece of music they have chosen for that day in a video made exclusively for Koorschool Delft: John Rutter, Cecilia McDowall, David Hurley, Judith Weir, Jessica Curry, Nederlands Kamerkoor, Hayo Boerema and Bob Chilcott.

In order to fully appreciate the choral pieces, it is enriching to first focus on the texts used by the composers, some of which are not religious by the way.

That is why we have invited Carel ter Linden, liberal preacher and writer and court chaplain of the Dutch royal family. In brief reflections, he will indicate the background to these texts (usually a biblical story that is sometimes strange to us) and what they may have meant then and now.

All the talks will have subtitles.

After the introductions, you will be directed to the piece of music, either as found on YouTube or Spotify or as an exclusive recording.


* You will receive the first day, Palm Sunday, free of charge. We will be asking a contribution for the remaining 7 days, half of which will again go to a good cause, this time Oxfam Novib.

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This is what you will receive

A daily e-mail with a link to the following stepping stone. This will be free for the 28th of March and thereafter only for registered participants through to Easter Sunday on the 4th of April.

Access until 19 April to the videos under the stepping stones you have already crossed.

Personal contributions by well-known musicians from home and abroad. All items will be subtitled.

Inspiring information and ideas for exploring passion music and Easter Sunday.

By participating you will be supporting Oxfam Novib.

Everyone who contributed to realising this project has done so with great pleasure and we are delighted that we can send you this musical pathway. We hope it will bring you a wonderful experience in these unprecedented times.


Sign up if you would like to receive the complete pathway or send it as a gift to someone else.

Please note:

you can sign up during the entire 8-day period. When you sign up after 28 March, you will still be charged the full € 11 and get access to all videos.

If you give the pathway as a gift, you will receive an e-mail that you can forward to the recipient yourself so that the recipient knows that the e-mails with links to be received are safe and have not been sent unsolicited by Koorschool Delft.

Half of the proceeds will go to Oxfam Novib.