Bob Chilcott’s Christmas Oratorio

Back to plan A

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we have had to postpone the workshop with Bob Chilcott once again until 11-12 December.

This means that we can go back to plan A: the performance of Chilcott’s Christmas Oratorio.

Last year, we enthusiastically announced a special workshop: the performance of Bob Chilcott’s Christmas Oratorio, conducted by the composer himself. It was to be the Dutch première. Unfortunately, Covid-19 threw a spanner in the works so that not only did we have to reschedule the workshop, but we were also going to be performing another of Chilcott’s works. Now that we also have to move that workshop, we’re going back to the original plan.

In December, Bob is coming to the Netherlands to perform his Christmas Oratorio with us. Fingers crossed that it goes ahead this time!

Project Choir

The workshop is intended for advanced amateur singers. Together they will form a project choir. Those who had already applied to sing the Christmas Oratorio last year will be the first to be considered for the selection.

How exactly the workshop will take shape depends on whether it can actually go ahead, in what form, how many singers, with orchestral accompaniment or perhaps only organ accompaniment, audience size, et cetera.


About Bob Chilcott

The English choral conductor and composer Bob Chilcott is immensely popular the world over. The British press refers to him as ‘A modern-day hero of British choral music’. After twelve years of performing all over the world as a member of the famous ensemble The King’s Singers, he became a full-time composer in 1997. Since then, he has built up a large oeuvre of music for all kinds of choirs. Christmas music, based on both new and traditional texts, forms a significant part of his most popular repertoire. Well-known works include Wenceslas, My Perfect Stranger and On Christmas Night. The Christmas Oratorio (2019) is his most recent large work for Christmas.

Chilcott has conducted choirs in more than 30 countries and has worked with thousands of amateur singers in a series of singing days. His work is available as sheet music from Oxford University Press; recordings by many leading British choirs and ensembles have been released by various labels (see under ‘recordings’).

What we experienced ourselves at Koorschool Delft when Bob led a singing day here in 2018 was that apart from being a hugely enthusiastic and inspiring conductor, he is also an incredibly nice and sympathetic person. It is an absolute joy to sing under his leadership.

Information and tickets





Masterworkshop en concert:

To be announced at a later date.


Project programme

Master workshop: Saturday 11 December 2021

Concert: Sunday 12 December 2021


Participation fee

Not yet known.

Sign up

It is not yet possible to sign up. A date will be made known in due course.