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Bob Chilcott Virtual Choir

Sing at home and join almost 100 singers from Choralis, Europe, the USA and around the globe for a choral workshop.

Friday 19 June 7 p.m. (UK time)


Choralis and Koorschool Delft

Choralis, a leading choir in the US state of Virginia, was founded by Artistic Director Gretchen Kuhrmann in 2000, and since 2012 it has committed to singing the music of a wide range of living composers alongside the classical choral repertoire. Bob Chilcott was Choralis’ first Composer in Residence, and during his time with them he wrote his Gloria which they performed in the USA and Europe before recording for Signum Records. In association with Koorschool Delft, Choralis is hosting today’s workshop as part of its ongoing relationship with Bob.

What’s the plan?

Live from his home in England composer Bob Chilcott will guide us through one of his beautiful choral pieces, in which you can sing your own part at home. Unfortunately, hearing each other sing as one choir is technically impossible. Still, you’ll experience connection with your fellow singers. And you can sing as loud or soft as you like and happily make mistakes without distracting anyone!

At the end of the workshop, we sing the piece as if in performance. As an extra, every singer can choose to record their voice and send in their recording afterwards. Later on, a sound engineer will try to put the voices together, adding the moving images of the screened singers. A tricky process, but if successful, we’ll send you a downloadable souvenir of this workshop: a video proving we could have formed a real choir together.


What are we singing?

A beautiful, tranquil five-part piece (S1, S2, A, T, B) with piano accompaniment, which is Bob Chilcott’s setting of a poem by well-known English author Kevin Crossley-Holland called Jesus, Springing. The text is part of a set of Christmas poems, but careful readers will find all seasons represented and connected in it. As a whole, this choral piece seems a meditative and comforting choice for today’s troubled time. During the workshop Bob himself will be telling us something about the piece.


To take part, you need

  • some experience with multi-part choral singing;
  • the program ZOOM on your PC, laptop or tablet (can be installed for free); we’ll send you tips on how to use ZOOM in advance;
  • a smartphone, only if you want to record your voice (with the function ‘dictaphone’, or ‘voice memo’, etc.);
  • some time to practise your part in advance (using the provided sheet music and midi-files);

please be aware we’re not going to learn notes during the workshop.

You can listen Jesus, Springing here on Youtube 

bob chilcott  virtual choir






At home!

Workshop structure

Friday 19 June 7 p.m. (UK time)

6:45 p.m.         

‘Doors open’: from this moment you can log in

7:00 p.m.           

Welcome & intro by Petra Weijers of Koorschool Delft and Gretchen Kuhrmann, Artistic Director of Choralis, in the US state of Virginia

Welcome & warming-up by Bob Chilcott

Singing led by Bob

7:45 p.m.     

Short Q & A break (about 8 minutes): Bob will answer some questions from singers

Final part ‘Performing’ and recording the entire piece.

8:00 p.m.           

Workshop closure

How does it work step by step?

    • Have your sheet music print-out ready, as it will not be shown on your screen.
    • Have your smartphone ready, if you’d like to record your voice during the ‘performance’.
    • From 6:45 BST: register at ZOOM (link and password to be sent by email after receipt of payment).
    • If you take part in the recording of the piece, use the dictaphone function of your smartphone. This is essential for the sound quality, so please do NOT use your phone camera. Koorschool Delft will record the ZOOM screen showing the performing singers. If you don’t want to be seen in the video, just leave your webcam turned off during the ‘performance’.
    • If you have an urgent question or connection problem during the workshop, you can report it via the CHAT function.

What’s the price and what’s included?

Taking part costs € 11 per person. After receipt of your payment, you’ll receive an email giving you:

  • access to the workshop (link and password);
  • sheet music to be printed by yourself (7 pages; PDF lawfully obtained from publisher OUP);
  • a sound file to practise your part;
  • a checklist with instructions for the workshop and tips for using ZOOM (printable);
  • the option to record and store the complete workshop via ZOOM for your own use;
  • as a bonus, if available: compiled video of the ‘performance’.

How many singers can take part?

Ninety-five at the most. If more than 95 people are interested, we’ll start a waiting list and plan a new workshop as soon as possible.

Registration from now until 28 May

Signing up implies that you give permission to appear on the screen (in a very small window) during the workshop.

(Last minute entries: June 19, 4:00 p.m. UK time.)

If you prefer not to be filmed during the ‘performance’, please turn off your webcam.

If you appear in the video, this also implies that you have no objection to the use of the video for publicity purposes by Koorschool Delft and Bob Chilcott (see also application form).


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Q &A moment

On your entry form you can fill in a question you’d like to ask Bob Chilcott. We’ll make a selection and let you know at least one day in advance if your question is included. During the question round you’ll be told when to turn on your microphone to ask your question.

General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions of Koorschool Delft apply to this online workshop.